Our Physiotherapist led Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) Pilates classes are taken by Samantha Owen, Kate Waters & Amy Harding. We offer attended classes in our own studio & we also live stream most of our classes via Zoom.

For information or to register please email pilates@pppphysio.com

PPP offers a wide range of Pilates classes throughout the week based both in our purpose-built studio in Penarth and via our online platform. Our classes are all Physio-led and take on a modified approach to ensure that if you have or are recovering from an injury or illness, that you are guided appropriately and most importantly, you enjoy it. Pilates is not only about strengthening the body, but building on balance, mobility, flexibility and confidence.

PPP has been running classes in Penarth since 2014 and we really value the growing Pilates community that our classes have built.

Our classes are 60 minutes in length and run as a block, in line with the school terms. Please see our price list below for both studio and zoom sessions, as well as our monthly payment option.

For those attending our studio, we ask that you bring a towel or mat to cover our mats and a small towel for your head. We have a range of equipment that we use within our classes including swiss balls, foam rollers, Pilates rings, Pilates balls, resistance band and spikey balls. If you would like to purchase your own for your personal use, please ask any of the Physiotherapists and we will happily assist.

Alongside the classes, individual sessions are also available. These provide an opportunity to focus solely on your specific needs and to have one to one feedback and guidance. Whether this is a one off to get you started, a block following Physiotherapy treatment or a personal goal you would like to achieve. Our individual sessions can be either matwork based or on a reformer dependant again on your needs and goals.

We can also provide small group session of 1:2, 1:3 & 1:4 individuals.

A 30 minute 1:1 Pilates session is a pre-requisite for all of our Pilates classes. This allows us to ensure that all our class participants have been fully & appropriately assessed so that we know your past medical history and your understanding of Pilates movements & terminology.  We will also determine your Pilates level so that we can ensure that you will enrol onto an appropriate class.

Our Pilates Blocks usually follow school terms although we do sometimes offer additional classes in the school holidays

Studio Class Charges:

Class paid for a term at a time: £10 / class x number of weeks in block

Class paid for by standing order: £31 / month (£9.50 / class)

1:1 & small group sessions:

30-minute Pre-Class 1:1 Pilates session: £25

60-minute 1:1 Pilates session: £50

30-minute 1:1 Pilates session: £35

60 minute 1:2 (£25pp) 1:3 (£20pp) 1:4 (£15pp)

Reformer sessions:

60-minute Pilates Reformer session: £60

Block of 4 60-minute Pilates Reformer session: £50 / session

30-minute Pilates Reformer session: £45

Block of 4 30-minute Pilates Reformer session: £40 / session

Online classes:

Zoom class paid for a term at a time: £6 / class x number of weeks in block

Zoom class paid for by standing order: £18 / month (£5.50 / class)

10 great reasons to choose PPPpilates:

1: An extremely experienced PPP Physiotherapist teaches the class so they can advise you appropriately if you are recovering from pain or injury.

2: If you have got back pain, have had back pain in the past and want to prevent re-occurrence or have never had back pain but want to do as much as possible to prevent it, PPPpilates is perfect.

3: Small class sizes. We will never run a class with more than 12 people to allow each class member sufficient support and input. Classes are even smaller at the moment due to social distancing regulations.

4: An appropriate level of Pilates class for your individual circumstances and needs (fitness/flexibility/age/pain/diagnosis/Pilates experience).

5: A really friendly and welcoming atmosphere in a lovely purpose-built Pilates studio in Penarth town centre. We have developed our Pilates community since 2014 & we feel that our Pilates service is second to none.

6: Most of our classes are live streamed via Zoom so you can join our Pilates community from the comfort of your own home or you can take us away with you on your holiday!

7: 15 classes a week including all levels of matwork, HIIT, Ante & Post-natal, Paediatric & Spinal Pathology classes.

8: Pilates Reformer sessions and we will be building a new Pilates Reformer Studio in 2021 for our Pilates Reformer classes.

9: Our studio is filled with Pilates equipment to make your classes even better, more enjoyable and beneficial.

10: Despite all these reasons, our Pilates classes are extremely competitively priced & you can pay by block or by monthly standing order.

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