Not all physiotherapy is the same. Don’t compromise. Choose PPPphysio


Prices for appointments with PPP Senior Physiotherapists:

Session Duration Allocated £
New assessment, diagnosis & treatment 45 minutes £40
Follow-up re-assessment & treatment 45 minutes £35


Prices for appointments with Dyfri Owen:

Charges are higher to see Dyfri Owen, the director of PPP and Head Clinician to cover the extra time that Dyfri spends with his patients and to reflect his level of experience.


Session Duration Allocated £
New assessment, diagnosis & treatment 60 minutes £60
Follow-up re-assessment & treatment 45-60 minutes £45


Other charges:

Payment by cheque: Add £1 to cover the cost of paying it into our business account

Payment by Credit Card: Add 50p to part-cover the extra fee charged to us

Payment by Debit Card: No additional charge


If you are unable to attend an appointment, please inform us immediately. Appointments missed without 24 hours notice of cancellation may incur a full fee to cover the Physiotherapists time and our costs.  We are a very busy practice and all of our appointments are extremely important.

Please be careful when comparing prices for physiotherapy.  The physiotherapy might not be like for like.  Always check how qualified and experienced your physio is and how long your appointment will be.  Cheaper practices tend to employ newly qualified, in-experienced physio’s and provide shorter appointments.

At PPP you can be assured that you will recieve a longer appointment with an extremely well qualified physio at a very competitive price.

Not all Physio is the same. Don’t compromise. Choose PPP.


Injured or in pain? Think physio. Then think PPPphysio


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